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Mandurah Workshop -
November 2023


I recently had the pleasure of attending a bird photography weekend workshop that left me spellbound and armed with newfound skills to capture the beauty of our feathered friends. From technical expertise to hands-on learning in breathtaking locations, this workshop was nothing short of excellent.

Shelley shared her comprehensive technical expertise. She seamlessly demystified the complexities of bird photography, breaking down intricate concepts into digestible, understandable terms. She ensured that I and others felt at ease and what I truly enjoyed was the emphasis on hands-on learning. Instead of drowning us in theory, we were equipped with cameras and guided through practical exercises. It was exciting to apply the newly acquired knowledge in real-time, under the watchful eyes of Shelley.

This bird photography workshop was not just about capturing images; it was a holistic experience that enriched my understanding of photography, nature, and the fascinating world of birds. Glenda. 

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