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Photographing Kangaroos in Backlight

The day begins photographing birds in first light, then move over to the kangaroos showing different scenarios such as shooting backlight in open and tight spaces using the setting for light effects. Shooting in the bush, is so good for beautiful light effects. This will be a quiet workshop moving around with little talk, only when giving instruction. This ensures we don't scare the kangaroos away. Cost $198 and details sent when booking.


If there is time we will look for the fairy-wrens to photograph.

Date: Sat 9th September

Group Workshops

Arrange your own groups to attend a themed workshop with Shelley. Discuss available dates and requirements of your group. Book Mandurah or Perth local area such as Herdsman Lake, 

Minimum of four and up to six attendees. 

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Private Workshop

Book a one on one workshop with Shelley. Discuss your requirements for the workshop and suitable date. Shelley can meet you in Mandurah or mutual agreed spot around Perth localities


Book Shelley for your Event, Camera Club, online presentations etc.

Shelley will travel for Special Workshops/ Events etc. Contact to discuss your requirements.

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