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Explore Mandurah 
Two Day Photography Event

Sat 11th & 12th November 23
Explore. Mandurah. Birds.


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1st May 2024

20th August 2024

19th September 2024

Your stay includes a room in the historic Wooleen homestead, all meals, and hosting during your stay. The workshop is capped at a maximum of 8 participants to ensure you enjoy a personalised, tailored experience. If you would like to learn how to improve your bird photography, whilst experiencing the vast Australian outback and its wonderous birds, then this bird photography workshop is for you.


Never short of subjects to photograph, birds are a focus of the trip, but don't be limited by that. Spend time enjoying the scenery and photograph the night skies, wildflowers, historical buildings and machinery. So much memorabilia scattered around the homestead and are fascinating to look at and photograph.


Bird Photography Wooleen Station August 2022.

Where to many beautiful birds, the homestead, lovely weather, the hosts, the meals, the wines and of course the company! Shelley you were amazing! You have fulfilled a lifelong dream to be at one in nature and capture some of its beauty in a photograph.

It didn't matter that I came to this workshop with no skills or experience in bird photography. I was welcomed, nurtured, gently prodded and guided with such patience and enthusiasm. You believed in me and I came away with so much learning and a new passion as well as some lifelong friends ( I hope).

The 4 days were jam packed with new experiences. I discovered how to sit quietly and observe, to move slowly with respect and just breathe it all in. I think I leant the most from watching you. I love the sense of empathy and reciprocity that you brought to every encounter with a bird and how the birds in turn connected with you.

No wonder your photos are so beautiful and show such deep connection. Thank you for giving your time and knowledge so freely and for going that extra mile to make sure we all got everything we we could out of the workshop.

You are a fantastic educator. Your passion for what you do and sharing your knowledge really shines through. It turns out I LOVE bird photography and I will be back for more. by Robyn

Join Shelley Pearson
Limited to max. 5 participants
$198 each 
To Book Email: 

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Click here for the Ghillie suit I wear in the field.

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Passion. Light. Creativity.

Join me for a fun morning at Mandurah estuary. 

Let's go find birds!! 
This workshop will start with photographing in low light looking for  beautiful colours at sunrise.
Sunrise- shoot silhouettes - some tips. 
Then, we shall walk around looking for birds to photograph.

Skills Covered
- Shooting in low light
- Backlight/Side light 

- Shooting Egrets tips and ideas.

- What to look for when locating birds.

- How to find birds. 

- How to get shots in difficult shooting conditions
- How the setting/environment makes a difference
- How to use your settings for getting those shots
- What about noise?  Tips on how to process your photo dealing with noise in low light
- Access to private video link on Backlight after completing the workshop

Approx. 3 hrs

Some walking

Shooting creatively

Learn about the birds around the Mandurah Estuary