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Who Am I!!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Its Shelley here, and I am a crazy bird photographer. I love watching the sunrise at my favourite spot in Mandurah, Western Australia. I love my family and this special little dog, who I sometimes spend time with.

Harley, Cavoodle

I can think nothing better to do than spending a morning photographing the local birds at the Mandurah estuary, when I am not traveling elsewhere. Birds I enjoy observing and photographing include Eastern Ospreys, Egrets, oh Pelicans Pelicans and cannot forget the gorgeous fairy-wrens, see my image below "Splendid fairy-wren, female and male in blue."

Splendid Fairy-wrens female and male!

Early image taken on misty morning of the Great Egret fishing.

Great Egret

Eastern Osprey emerging from the water after bathing. Just love photographing their behaviour which is so varied, such as fishing, bathing, fighting with the White-bellied Sea-eagles, fantastic aerial flight manoeuvres and diving dramatically into the water fully submerging and hold your breath as they emerge with their snack.

My Gear:

I shoot Canon and have a few things, but the important gear is listed below:



500 F4 IS II

600 F4 IS III



Car (soft 4wd), but can go places I need to.

Wellie Boots

Cameo Jacket


Flask of Coffee

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