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Gorgeous Isabella and Me

Hello and welcome to my web page.  Photography is something I can do and birds are my passion.
The perfect day for me starts very early before the sun rises and I am outdoors exploring and capturing what nature has in store.   Birds fascinate me and I can be quite relentless in chasing that photo I desire.  I particularly love capturing something different that shows the character of birds and their environment.  I want the viewer of my images to stop and think about the beauty of our birds and hopefully gain a new appreciation of nature.  These birds are all around us and some of us never notice them in our busy lives, what is happening on our back doorstep everyday.  The fight for survival, new life and mans progress and the ever changing landscape. 

I also do enjoy taking photos of  landscape/seascape and people photography and embracing the challenge of getting that photograph. 

I am married to a wonderful man Kelvin, I have two children Sheree and Andrew and gained a son-in-law and recently, a beautiful grand daughter who is just delightful.

My birds will be my legacy I leave to my family when I am no longer on this earth. 

About me

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