Mandurah Workshops

Eastern Osprey

Eastern Osprey

Mandurah Estuary, Western Australia


Creative Exposure

Saturday 18th June 2022

Join me for a fun morning at Mandurah estuary. 

I will be teaching about the light and how to get those special shots.   

If you would like to learn how to improve your bird photography why not join me for a group workshop in Mandurah, Western Australia!  Maximum 5 per workshop. I do lot of scouting and aware of current bird activity around Mandurah, to provide the best opportunities for practising and learning at my  bird workshops.   

                             . Shooting in low light

                             . Backlight/Side light 

                             .  Shooting Egrets tips and ideas.

                             .  Shooting Osprey, tips on behaviour etc. 

                             .  How the setting/environment makes a difference

                             .  How to use your settings for getting those special shots

                             .  What about noise?  Tips on how to process your

                                photo dealing with noise in low light

                             .  Access to private video link on Backlight after doing

                                the workshop

Workshop Details:  $200 

Minimum 4 hours

Some walking

Shooting creatively

Learn about the birds around the estuary

Answer all your questions

Small workshops to give personal attention

Notes given prior to the workshop

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This workshop Shelley will focus on the Ospreys of Mandurah.  There may be some driving involved.   Shelley keeps tabs on the Osprey and will do her best to get those special shots.  Best settings and being creative shooting the Osprey. Shelley will be right there with you ensuring you are getting the best from your camera and talking about the birds and their behaviour.   If we are lucky we may shoot the Osprey diving for a fish.   All care is taken to ensure nesting ospreys are not disturbed, shooting away from active nests.  


Mandurah or Herdsman Lake Perth

Minimum of four hours, coffee and chat to finish the session   

Book your  spot, click on contact below and send email with date of workshop you wish to attend


Mandurah estuary

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