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New to Bird Photography

When you first start your journey photographing it can be overwhelming. Looking back, I remember my focus was entirely getting as close to my subject as possible, not giving thought to the light, other than getting the sun behind me to light the bird capturing good detail.

Breaking it down:

Understanding exposure

Understanding light

Understanding your subject


Creative shooting

Camera Settings

       Changing settings as you shoot (muscle memory)

Camera Modes, Manual, AV, Auto ISO etc.

Custom Modes, customising your camera

Camera and Lens Computers (groan)

Software and processing your images

Storage, backup

There is one especially important part “Your Subject.” It is important to have this right up there from the start when you first pick up the camera. Put time aside to research and learn about what you are shooting. My example will be birds as it just so easy for me. If you have a connection with the subject it will show in your work. Intimate knowledge of your subject when shooting encourages anticipation and reading every little moment through the viewfinder.

We all learn different; you may need more time to absorb information and techniques. Then there are those amazing people who soak up everything moving at a fast pace. Be persistent and you will look back and be amazed at how far you have progressed. Learn at your own pace, do not try to learn everything at once, unless you have the gift of learning quickly – then go for it. I know from my workshops, people learn different and at a different pace, influenced by outside factors. Breaking it down and prioritising a learning schedule will lessen that overwhelming feeling. From years of teaching others, I understand and never tire of answering questions. Never feel silly asking any question and asking again or seeking further clarification on the answer given. If you still do not understand, go home and research (that is what I did). Nothing is trivial, remember that.

I love to read and think about things. I find what I read translates into the field when shooting.

Those special shots are hard to come by in Wildlife photography as it is one of the genres you are at the mercy of the elements of nature such as weather conditions. Let me just say, it can be both frustrating and extremely rewarding. I mean if it were easy, would you feel the same passion

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