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Purple-backed Fairy-wren

Purple-backed Fairy-wren

I am a Bird and Wildlife Photographer based 40 mins south of Perth, Western Australia. 

The perfect day for me starts very early before the sun rises and I am outdoors exploring and capturing what nature has in store.   Birds fascinate me and I can be quite relentless in chasing that special photo I desire.  I particularly love capturing something different that shows the character of birds and their environment.  I want the viewer of my images to stop and think about the beauty of our birds and hopefully gain a new appreciation of nature.

I do workshops around the Mandurah estuary Western Australia and other spots such as Herdsman Lake, Perth.  I love to help others and my workshops are very hands on.  I have made many friendships through my workshops and love to hear back from clients and see their progress.  

I care very much for the birds and talk about ethics when in the field photographing.  I believe no photograph is worth distressing a bird and I walk away often.  Bird behaviour will indicate you are pushing the boundaries. 

I also do enjoy taking photos of  landscape/seascape and people photography and embracing the challenge of getting 'the' shot.

"Be Brave and live life creatively"

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