Red-necked Stint

Red-necked Stint

Should I Wear Camo

Does Camo work when in the field shooting?

Yes it does, let me explain further. In certain situations, camo is very effective getting closer shots of birds in their environment and especially capturing behaviour.

I assess areas and know if I need to use camo or not. The best tip I can give you is to: not rush up to the bird to get a photo!! Camo or no camo, it is going to fly. Do not walk directly to the bird, but in a roundabout fashion slowly and regularly stopping.

Remember not to stare and unsettle the bird, you need to be aware and watch for certain behaviour, movement will indicate if the bird is getting worried. Stretching, looking intently at you are signs that the bird is going to fly.

So, when do I use camo? If you are laying on the shore where birds are used to human activity you will be fine without it. Sometimes I still wear it if waiting for something not usually sighted at a spot and it could be skittish.

Laying down, they say after 20 mins birds will just ignore you and continue feeding, fighting or whatever they are up to. Keep your movements very slow and methodical. I believe birds are aware of you in their territory, but if they do not feel threatened by your presence they will stay.

Your behaviour will indicate no threat if you stay low, slow movements and not going directly to the bird.

My take on why I wear camo most of the time, even when not required; I regularly visit some spots and birds seem to accept me easier when wearing the same clothing.

In the bush wear dull clothes that blend into the environment, not drawing attention moving around. When sighting something I stop and observe, sometimes for ages to gauge what the bird is doing.

When after a special bird I put on my camo shirt. It is just another tool to use with other techniques to get those birds and behaviours. These are my thoughts on this and can differ with other views expressed by bird photographers. At the end of the day your results are what matters.

What do you think?  Let me know your thoughts. 

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